To use proven scientific and ancestral techniques and knowledge to live in harmony with Mother Earth.


AAnalyse individual elements composing an agroecological system.

C:  Characterize an agroecological site by dividing its components in sections to work on

TTranslate & transfer information to farmers, gardeners, nurseries, and more 

SSynergize to Execute the project on the ground

Value proposition

We provide knowledge and action plans in order to regenerate Mother Earth to its glory. The techniques, recipes and global information provided change the soil to a higher fertility level, a better water management capacity, a greater porosity and finally a superior environment for micro-organisms to thrive in.  From this point on, plants, animals, insects and human can live in harmony.  Through understanding, comprehension and accomplishments, human can respect soil as a fundamental pillar to life.

Gilles Lapointe, PhD.

Gilles obtained his doctorate from the University of Guelph, following his training in plant physiology and biochemistry at the M.Sc. level at Agriculture Canada and University Laval. He then trained in forest biotechnology at the post-doctoral level at the Laurentian Forestry Center (NRC), and at the INRA, Versailles, France. Dr. Lapointe added another University level certificate in bioinformatics from the joint effort of the University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, University of Nova Scotia, and the Genetic Disease Network (Canada).

His continued education led him to also obtain a certificate in Technology Commercialization, and trainings with the FDA and on IP for businesses while he lived in New York States.  

Dr. Lapointe worked as a project manager in molecular farming biotech and in drug target discovery. He drove key reorganization and growth initiatives for biotech companies. He liaised with corporate investors and managed scientific research as well.  He also owned a cross border biotech company for genetic testing.  Upon his move back to Canada, he became a genetic consultant to a health and wellness company and managed to participate into a clinical trial proving the benefits of his genetic test.  

He also started a high-end residential landscaping company based in Mississauga which he led for 15 years.  He then became a horticultural consultant prior to becoming a production advisor and scientist in a nursery setting.   He led research on sustainability, soil health, cover crops and plant health within the nursery on 15 farms and liaised between all departments of production. His work led him to become a consultant for other nurseries and farmers.